CNC Wire Forming

Strength in Versatility

Automatic Specialties, Inc. has invested millions of dollars in the latest CNC wire forming equipment to offer low-cost, high-quality custom wire form products and wire wickets.

What is CNC Wire Forming?

Computerized numerical control (CNC) wire forming was developed in the early 1970's. Essentially, a computer is programmed to instruct wire bending machinery to execute a series of steps to produce the desired wire shape - with precision, repeatability, and minimal material waste.

Why CNC?

Computerized wire forming has revolutionized the wire forming industry. You likely see products made this way on a daily basis. CNC wire forming has a host of benefits over traditional hand bending:

  • Produces finished products with precision and accuracy every time
  • Mitigates operator error
  • Maximizes material efficiency for wire shapes
  • Is quick, efficient, and cost-effective

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